Cleaning your Perfectair Air Purifier

Cleaning your PerfectAire Air Purifier

Please clean your unit twice weekly for optimal use and function:

1) Tip out the dirty water from your bowl, wipe with a soft cloth and rinse - DON’T PUT IN THE DISHWASHER OR VERY HOT WATER - IT WILL MELT. You will not need any soap.

2) If there is a residue developing from lime in your water or pollutants from the air, use some neat white spirit vinegar to clear the residue. Leave for a few hours and wipe down with a soft cloth.

3) Refill with clean water to just below the MAX line, and add approx. 2.5 mls of your favourite solution (shake first). Change water every 3-4 days. You will need to top up the water in between this period and you can add a few drops of the solution to revitalise the fragrance.

4) Next, remove the nozzle by holding the round base plate firmly and twisting the nozzle anti-clockwise. Replace once you have cleaned it out - a paintbrush works quite nicely. Please also clean the silencer end cap.

5) The round base plate can also be removed for cleaning, with a firm pull (monthly). If you have purchased the Egg unit, you can remove the grid to access the nozzle. For the Egg unit you can also remove the fan with a firm pull. Scrub with a toothbrush – soak in vinegar first if necessary.

6) Should your unit be spinning but not spraying on the side of the bowl, check if the little silencer cap on the end of the nozzle or the nozzle itself is not blocked with dust or fluff. Clean with an earbud and your problem is solved. This happens more easily if the unit is used intermittently - constant usage is optimal. Please note that some of the units do not have a silencer. The silencer is used to restrict the amount of water drawn up through the nozzle and lessening the sound produced. To optimise the effectiveness of your unit, you can remove the silencer end cap permanently.

7) If you own the Egg unit, once every 4 months please remove the small silver screw next to the controls on the side of the Egg unit, then twist to remove the dome lid and clean out whatever fluff and dust has accumulated with a dry paintbrush.

Treat your unit well and it will serve you well for a very long time.

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